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Best Good Morning attitude quotes for Girls

Best Good Morning attitude

 quotes for Girls

Here is the top collection of attitude quotes for girls, WhatsApp status, FB statusmany more.

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If you hate me,
it's your disability.

A true heart always has an inner 

power, to win 
everything they want.

Don't chase me, dude,
I am out of your reach.

Follow your goal with your passion,
You will always be on top.

God is always with you, You just
 need to keep working and
 be true to your work

Find your ways to achieve it,
else time will find ways for you.

Girls are not toys,
Don't think to play with them.ok

Real men never play with girls,
they always respect girls. So be real men.

Why do I follow you,
It means I follow my passion.

A survey says that women have more 
ability and chances to achieve 
whatever they try, than men.

I listen your every word,
bcoz I love you.

I am a part of you, not 
your asset.
 Don't use me

I am a Girls,
Means I am
The queen Dude

We are the power

Of your world,
You are nothing
Without Us

Love Me Or hate me,

Do it at your Top 
Level, Bcoj You cant
Reach us that Easy.

It's not easy to get me,

You think I am a puzzle
It's your Fault,
I am the solution
For every Problem.

A pretty smile

of a girl kills
thousands of boys
heart, So just 
think what I am.

Keep a distance from me,

I am that fire, which fires
when sees garbage

If a boy cries for

That girl is most lucky
the person in the world.

I am not you 

who just play,
I am one who 
Just love and love and

Dear girls its You,
Who has a great role in
Creating This World,
So you are not weak,
You are the queen with
     Huge Powers

Don't Try to judge m ever,
I am out of your stop

 What love is,
A girl Knows Better
  Than Men

 The way you live,
Is the way you are
Treated, so be what
    You must be.

Who says you can't do anything,
First see who is judging your ability,
Who has done nothing, So go-ahead 
With full powers and Grab it back to you.

    It doesn't matter what I am,
What matters is do I really wanna be
          What I should be.

It's your way, your rules,
  And you can all, so 
why look behind and
   Beside For help.
  You Can Do All

What powers is a woman knows better,
So don't ever try to judge her power
Again ok.

Women can better teach you
        The rules of Life 

You have achieved nothing till now,
   So just go for more to work on,
       If you get it on your own.
Then say you have done something that
   you wanted till now.

Judging someone shows your
Disability and failure of your

Get more attitude quotes for Girls. The girl's live life is just awesome. The confidence they have, Boys can't even imagine Dude. I respect every girl from a deep heart.

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